Student Solutions

How To Apply’s end-to-end solution ensures students reach their full potential and establish themselves successfully in a foreign country.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of students worldwide launch their professional careers in the last decade alone. What we’re promising to our students is laid out here.

The Application Process


Profile Assessment

The Profile Assessment is the first step toward meeting the eligibility requirements for any Study Abroad programme. Therefore, we make it a priority to help students with every aspect of building a solid resume.


Course and University Mapping

Often, students come to us with a preconceived notion of where they want to study and what kind of study program they wish to undertake. Instead of just allowing students to earn a degree, ensures that the courses they choose will help them land their desired job. For those who need help narrowing down their options, we provide a Course and University Mapping service.


Application Process Management

Because we’ve been in business for so long, we’re well-versed in Application Process Management. As a result, we have a good sense of when and where to intervene to expedite things. A speedy turnaround is possible because of our experience and expertise in this field.


Arranging University Offers

Knowing our student’s study abroad dream, we compile data from all the University courses, their ranking, the cost of the degree and the closest lodging possibilities. We also make sure that our students enjoy and follow their dreams in their preferred destinations. For us, it’s all about finding a combination that works best for each student.


Assistance with the Acceptance and Visa Process

Every day, we work tirelessly to ensure that our students have a smooth journey through acceptance and visa. Furthermore, we aim to continuously remove obstacles for a greater likelihood of your study abroad success.


Selecting & Booking Accommodation

We now have a solution for finding and booking a place to stay before you arrive at the airport. We provide virtual inspections and the temporary reservation of the accommodation till you move in and take control of the rental yourself.


Arranging Airport Pick-up

Visiting a new country is always nerve-wracking when you don’t know what to do. However, we’re sensitive to your concerns, so we’ll arrange for a pick-up at the airport and transportation to your pre-booked accommodation.


Career Consultation

During your enrollment, we provide career guidance and on-site assistance. In addition, it gives our students a better idea of what to expect before finishing the degree.


Finding a Job for You

We assist you in applying for and finding part-time and casual jobs. So you can earn money while you learn at the same time!


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