Exciting Changes in Australian Student Visa Requirements

Genuine Student requirement

Australia has introduced a new requirement for student visas called the Genuine Student (GS) requirement. This applies to applications submitted on or after March 23, 2024.

What it means:

The GS requirement ensures you’re a genuine student coming to Australia primarily to study. While post-study work opportunities exist, only a limited number of graduates will qualify for permanent residency.

How to demonstrate you’re a Genuine Student:

  • Online application questions: You’ll answer questions about:
    • Your current situation (family ties, work, finances)
    • Why you chose this specific course and provider in Australia
    • How the course benefits you
    • Any additional relevant information (150 words per question)
  • Supporting documents: Attach evidence to your application that backs up your claims. This could include:
    • Academic transcripts and certificates
    • Previous study details in Australia (if applicable)
    • Current employment details (employer, position, contact info)
    • Proof of financial resources (employment documents, bank statements)
    • Reasons for not studying in your home country (if applicable)

What we assess:

We consider various factors to determine if you’re a genuine student:

  • Your circumstances: Family ties, work experience, and economic situation in your home country.
  • Why Australia?: Your understanding of the chosen course, provider, and living in Australia.
  • Benefits of the course: How the program aligns with your future goals.
  • Course suitability: Does the course fit your educational background and future career aspirations?
  • Financial stability: Can you support yourself financially during your studies?
  • Immigration history: Your visa and travel history.

For more information:

Refer to Ministerial Direction No. 106 for further details.

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Email – admissions@educircle.io

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